Going paperless means moving from paper to digital documents. Invoices, statements, quotations, purchase orders, remittances and all the other paper flowing in and out of your business can now be produced, handled and stored digitally.
Going paperless also means secure digital storage for all your documents. No more bulging cabinets, misfiling or files and documents not being where they’re needed or supposed to be. Documents are filed automatically in the right place and any number of people can view them with the relevant permission. You can handle emails the same way as well as incoming documents like customer orders and supplier invoices.
The benefits of going paperless are massive. You’ll have no printing, no copies, no postage, no manual filing and, of course, no paper so costs will come down dramatically. You’ll see services improve, too, because information is instantly available and increased productivity because your document workflow processes are automated.
You’ll already know if there’s too much paper in your business. But perhaps you’re not sure how to go about reducing it or where best to start. Our low cost “Go Paperless” solution can provide you with the answers. It’s tailored to your business and it will allow you to maximise the benefits from moving to a digital document environment.

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