Automate document routing to streamline business processes…

Make standard business operations easy to execute and easy to manage by routing documents digitally, alerting users of pending work assignments and tracking progress step by step using workflow.

Document WorkFlow is the ultimate in business process management. WorkFlow enables businesses to fully automate standardised business processes, routing any document, anywhere, anytime, all while tracking the process and alerting users of new work assignments.

The highgrove solution allows users to participate in workflow routing and information processing procedures based on a user defined set of business rules.

what are the common issues?

In most organisations, there are many repetitive manual tasks associated with routine business processes and lots of different documents.

Many business processes are in place for historical reasons.  Sometimes companies don’t even know why processes are carried out the way that they are.  The reasons might have been valid originally, but businesses change.

Improving document workflow is a major step towards enhancing your business processes.

how highgrove help

highgrove can help you successfully transfer existing paper-based processes into a digital workflow to efficiently manage operations and eliminate manual effort.

With our workflow solution, you can create and automate business processes that coordinate between people, applications, and services.

typical benefits

  • Simplify tasks with easy to use routing choices defined by your business rules.
  • Enable collaboration across multiple users in different departments and different locations.
  • Set up notifications when you have new or pending tasks or documents to review or approve.
  • Add documents to business processes so that all documents needed for any given task are grouped together into a logical package or collection.
  • Communicate with others in the business process with notes and messages tied to individual documents or business processes.

Create Process Efficiency:

  • Make tasks easy by providing workstep instructions and putting all the necessary data at your fingertips.
  • Identify process inefficiencies and bottlenecks with continually updated reports showing document status.
  • Gain competitive advantage by controlling business processes digitally from the office or via the internet.
  • Integrate email and web forms quickly into business practices using email, attachments and web forms to initiate a workflow process.

Improve Customer Service:

  • Increase customer satisfaction by decreasing document processing time.
  • Respond to customer requests quickly with prioritised work queues and time-sensitive alerts.
  • Give customers instant answers by digitally viewing the status of their request from your desktop.

Enhance Security and Compliance:

  • Provide documented evidence of compliant procedures with detailed audit reports.
  • Monitor compliance by tracking live document progress with continually updated activity reports.
  • Ensure proper procedures are completed within set timeframes by receiving alerts showing stalled or inactive documents.

next steps

For qualifying organisations, highgrove offers a complimentary document process audit. We will provide an analysis of your document driven business process and systems, making suggestions and recommendations for streamlining your procedures. In order to apply, please Contact highgrove