industry solutions: financial services

When it comes to navigating the waters of today’s financial services market, manual business processes might leave you hung out to dry. That’s why it’s crucial to have a powerful enterprise document management infrastructure that helps you navigate changing regulatory requirements—and leaves you in a better competitive position overall.

The highgrove EDM solution makes information easy to find and use, while automating resource-intensive business processes and integrating with business-critical applications including CRM systems, accounting applications, core applications and more.

We help financial services organisations through convenient, comprehensive and compliant enterprise document management.

Key benefits of the highgrove solution include:

Create a flexible, standardised system for managing client information, company records, correspondence, even e-mail in a way that’s convenient, comprehensive and compliant.

  • Automate resource intensive business processes
  • Integrate with CRM Systems to use information more quickly
  • Improve Client Service
  • Support business process management improvements, saving time and money while reducing security risks.
  • Automatically update the CRM with new account information
  • Automate transaction processing, suitability, approval and exception processing
  • Automate workflow from e-mail messages, forms, web or documents and securely archive then content

next steps

For qualifying organisations, highgrove offers a complimentary document process audit. We will provide an analysis of your document driven business process and suggest recommendations for streamlining your procedures. In order to apply, please Contact highgrove