industry solutions: manufacturing

Improve your margins, lower operational costs, speed time to market, and ensure compliance.

highgrove EDM manufacturing solutions enable a steady and secure flow of documents and information throughout the enterprise and beyond. The highgrove EDM solution help manufacturers meet customers’ changing requirements, while sustaining profitability and consistently producing the highest value product at the lowest possible price.

Structured to handle and efficiently manage all the documents used in your operation, such as change orders, CAD drawings, letters, reports, contracts, purchase orders, works orders, delivery documentation, invoices and even email messages.

Workflow optimisation is core to the manufacturing process. Our document workflow solutions support process improvement and the need to perform better, faster, and cheaper.

Think about the amount of time your offices typically spends:

  • Creating Documents
  • Filing Documents
  • Retrieving Documents
  • Copying Documents
  • Storing Documents
  • Sharing documents
  • Faxing or Mailing Documents

Key benefits of the highgrove solution include:

  • Establish a central document archive vault with security privileges assigned
  • Automate business processes and route documents and files for further action
  • Apply retention rules to documents to save on data storage and comply with regulations
  • Review Audit trails for user and document activity performed in the system
  • Facilitate collaboration from remote sites by providing online access to information and resources
  • Reduction of paper, copy and storage costs
  • Create annotations, redactions, revisions and versions to reliably retrieve current and historical information and prove its authenticity
  • Improve compliance with industry standards in document storage, workflow and retrieval
  • Increase customer service by providing online access of information and resources to branch offices, remote workers, partners, and vendors.
  • Eliminate production bottlenecks by automating complicated procedures that involve multiple people, documents and departments,
  • Process orders quickly and accurately by providing staff instant access to original orders and associated documents and information.
  • Provide accurate instructions to manufacturing operators and shipping personnel, increasing the speed and accuracy of order processing.

next steps

For qualifying organisations, highgrove offers a complimentary document and process audit. We will provide an analysis of your document workflow and business processes, suggesting recommendations for streamlining your procedures. Please Contact highgrove