industry solutions: utilities and public sector

Reduce operational costs and automate resource-consuming tasks, beginning with how information is captured, accessed and used. For utility companies and organisations carrying out billing and transaction processing, highgrove’s EDM solution provides a standardised flexible approach to meet the needs of different departments, users and processes.

All this with the control of a single, scalable system, easy to deploy and intuitive to use. With advanced document management that works seamlessly with terminal services, Web-based access and integrates with existing line-of-business applications, Highgrove’s EDM brings versatility and value to your business processes.

Key benefits of the highgrove solution include:

  • Provide departmental flexibility and enterprise control over archiving and workflow design, while still enabling corporate control to set and maintain the access and standards.
  • Convert resource-intensive manual processes like accounts payable processing and billing and transactional procedures to automated electronic workflows, saving time and money.
  • Open architecture and API’s maximise the value of existing technology investments while adding EDM functionality to back-office processes and existing applications.
  • Audit Trail tracks all events and ties them back to user actions and documents so you make consistent and precise decisions using the same tools and policies that manage the rest of your organisation
  • Enables secure information sharing between different offices, departments and people outside of the organisation.

next steps

For qualifying organisations, highgrove offers a complimentary document process audit. We will provide an analysis of your document driven business process and suggest recommendations for streamlining your procedures. In order to apply, please Contact highgrove