highgrove was formed in 1991 and continues to work with some of the world’s leading enterprises.

We are a dedicated team of business process and technology experts, with a focus on providing streamlined solutions without the need for complete system replacements.

The highgrove team has a vast expertise, working alongside the best-known names in CRM, ERP, MRP and Accounting solutions. Our in-depth knowledge of what is possible allows us to get more from an organisation’s systems and processes than they had ever dreamed of.

highgrove provides a personal yet professional approach to information resource and document process management by specifically tailoring systems and processes to the customer’s requirements.  We create solutions designed for the Clients needs rather than try to mould the Client to a ready-made solution.  All solutions are designed to be easy to use and as maintenance free as possible and therefore economical to operate.

We understand that no two organisations work in the same way, so we take time to understand your business processes. To this end highrove will provide paperless office solutions which best suit individual clients needs. We believe that there is always a way to improve the creation and management of information and document workflow to ensure a more efficient, productive and cost effective business process.

highgrove is based in the Midlands and has offices in the City of London and the South West.