trelleborg sealing solutions

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (TSS) is part of the Trelleborg Group. It has over 24000 employees working from company-owned Research and Development Centres in Europe and America, as well as 30 company owned manufacturing plants worldwide.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a worldwide leading supplier of high-quality products and solutions for industrial sealing and bearing systems. Core activities are focused in the following business areas: automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, stationary hydraulics, mobile hydraulics, pneumatics, fluid power engineering, electrical engineering, chemical industry, process engineering, the food and pharmaceutical industries, semiconductor/chip manufacturing, oil and gas equipment, and medical engineering.

business requirement

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions needed to link documentation for its 15 sites across Europe. It already had dedicated servers at each site, linked to a central AS/400 in Germany using leased lines over a WAN. The main application that these sites run is Oracle JDE.

Because the sites are spread across Europe (including the UK, Switzerland, France and Scandinavia) there were four main issues:

  • Languages
  • Location of documents
  • Pre-printed stationery
  • Document distribution and management

The need for documents to be developed and processed in a number of different languages posed a costly problem for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. They needed a solution that could work internationally to reduce both cost and time.

Each site was producing its own pre-printed stationery, which obviously was not a cost-efficient solution. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions wanted to reduce the need for pre-printed stationery.

Also documents were distributed to customers, suppliers, sales representatives manually i.e. by post or fax machine.

“I can easily email, fax and retrieve documents. Accessibility is the key; it’s so effortless, in fact everything is there at my finger tips.”


A highgrove paperless office solution was installed onto the servers at each site combining email; automated fax and archive platforms to provide a seamless integrated document management solution.

The system was provided to cater for the need to electronically fax, email and archive customer documents: quotations, acknowledgements, invoices, statements, purchase orders, labels, barcodes and dynamic management reports

These documents are also archived as PDF files and can be retrieved securely using a standard web browser, searching on any of the attributes (e.g. order no./date/account no./account name/rep name).

The scripting tool also allows Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to alter the output format of documents without the need to make changes within the Oracle JDE application itself.

Vitally, should Trelleborg Sealing Solutions wish to move to the next generation of ERP system, the paperless office functionality will not be affected.

benefits to client

Electronic Distribution workflow and Archiving of Documents: the system has introduced e-Distribution which has simplified the workflow, boosted performance, increased productivity and earned staff appreciation. By having all Europe-wide documents electronically stored a great deal of time, money and manpower has been saved.

Ease of Template Change and Deployment: The Template Designer facilitates simplicity of document design, improving their appearance and functionality and does not require any data mapping or modification to the host application. This represents a significant reduction in costs when altering standard documents.

Elimination of Pre-printed Stationery: the fact that the system can produce well-designed documents has meant that there is no longer a need for pre-printed stationery. Our solution has unified information and formatting throughout the entire organisation.

Multiple Printing Capability: The ability to produce bar codes, different labels and signatures from the paperless office system means that document handling processes are much slicker and easier to manage.

Fax email and web capability: Because the application integrates seamlessly, documents can now be faxed, emailed or available via archive portal and received directly from the desktop, reducing time and effort in manual processing.

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